Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Newport Beach, California Church rector resigns after confession

The Daily Pilot reported today that:

St. James Anglican Church in Newport Beach announced the resignation of head rector Rev. Praveen Bunyan on Monday, declaring in a written statement that he had confessed to inappropriate conduct toward a female adult parishioner.

"I have made a grave error in judgment and take full responsibility for what I have done," Bunyan said Monday by phone. "I have committed a serious indiscretion in my conduct with a female member of the congregation for which I am truly sorry and seek forgiveness from God, my family, my colleagues, staff members of the church and, importantly, the aggrieved individual."

After receiving information of the misconduct, the vestry, wardens and bishop led an investigation into the matter and accepted Bunyan's resignation last week. The church notified its 1,200-member congregation during Sunday's services.

Bunyan said he and his family have begun the process of healing and restoration, and he asked for the continued support of his friends, family and the community as they move forward.

Bunyan, who joined the congregation in January of 2003, led the church as it disassociated itself from the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles and joined with the Anglican Province of Uganda, Diocese of Luweero in 2004.

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