Thursday, July 20, 2006

Former Beijing Policeman Reveals an Assembly Line System of Organ Harvesting

A former Beijing policeman and member of the Coalition to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong (CIPFG) revealed that there is an 'assembly line' system of organ harvesting in Beijing and the Chinese Communist regime forcefully removes people's organs without their consent. After a prisoner is sentenced to death in China, the actual date of his death seems to depend on the needs of transplant operations.

The Assembly Line Begins on Marco Polo Bridge and Continues to Beijing Friendship Hospital

The former policeman, Sun Liyong, said that he enrolled in the Beijing Police Academy in 1979 and after gradation was assigned to the Dongcheng Police Department in Beijing, where he worked until1987. There were 650 students who graduated with him and they were assigned to various public security and legal organizations in Beijing, including enforcement teams responsible for executing prisoners. Classmates kept in touch with each other and exchanged information.

One of Sun Liyong's classmates worked in the organization responsible for executing prisoners. That's how Sun Liyong was able to find out that, back then, Beijing Friendship Hospital was the only hospital in Beijing that could obtain organs from executed prisoners. The process was as follows: Beijing Police Department would first confirm the date of a prisoner's execution and then inform both Beijing Friendship Hospital and the courts. The hospital staff would go to the detention centre to carry out blood tests before the prisoner was executed in order to find compatible organs. The No 7 section of the Beijing Police Department was responsible for this.

Vehicles from the police department, law courts and Friendship Hospital would arrive at the scene of the execution. A red cross sign was hung on the hospital's vehicle and the people inside couldn't leave. An operating table, knives and scissors would all be ready in the vehicle.

The execution site for carrying out death sentences in Beijing is usually at the Marco Polo Bridge. The prisoner would kneel in a hole dug in the ground and would be shot through the head. Because his organs would be removed, he couldn't be shot in the heart.

After the prisoner was shot, he would collapse forward into the dug out hole. The coroner would check that he was dead and then place his body in a large plastic bag, tie it up and dump it in the vehicle with the red cross sign.

Staff in the vehicle would immediately begin removing the organs as the vehicle drove back to the hospital. At the same time, the organ recipient would be in the hospital, anaesthetized, and ready for the transplant operation.

Sun Liyong said that, as far as he knew, people who have been sentenced to death have their organs taken regardless of whether they consented or not. There is no choice when the Chinese Communist regime is involved – to them, harvesting people's organs is perfectly justified.

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Blogger Marshall said...

This is an interesting story, and I wouldn't consider this beyond belief for the Chinese Communist Party. At the same time, the procedures described would yield questionable results. Some organs might be viable under such circumstances - perhaps kidneys - but the heart, liver, and lungs are much more delicate. Considering that I wouldn't consider this beyond the CCP, I would have thought they might set up better circumstances if they want to achieve successful transplants. Certainly, I do believe they might do so with little or no compunction.

11:50 AM  
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I am sure the patients with whom you work are comforted by your presence.
Best to you.

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