Monday, May 22, 2006

Antiwar Protests Greet Rice at Boston College

The New York Times reported today that:

CHESTNUT HILL, Mass., May 22 — Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice delivered the commencement address at Boston College today to an audience that included dozens of students and professors who turned their backs and held up signs to protest the war in Iraq.

About 50 students and dozens of faculty members, sporting white armbands to protest the Boston College's granting of an honorary degree, stood and turned their backs as Dr. Rice spoke. Some held signs reading, "Not in My Name," with a red slash through a diploma.

A small plane flew overhead twice, pulling a sign that said in red letters, "Your War Brings Dishonor."

Outside Alumni Stadium, protesters marched up Beacon Street, holding signs reading "No Blood For Oil" and "We're Patriotic Too." They assembled across the street from the stadium, where 3,234 graduates passed through metal detectors before taking their seats on the school's football field.

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